Shipping companies

The biggest data base of shipping companies is an online platform, which breaks the limits providing outstanding capabilities to get the best job at sea for seafarer’s worldwide through the biggest database of shipping companies that contains all types of the ships, rank and employment conditions.

Are you looking for a job at oil tanker or offshore fleet? You are at the right place to get direct access to hundreds of shipping companies who have reported to employ seafarers of you rank and nationality for selected fleet.

Pick up the phone now and start trading for your better future, do not forget to send separate application form (CV) to each company you are interested to work for.

If you are not able to get employed directly for any reason, give it another try via third party agency who are also provided and accessible as a part of company profile.

Once again, at you are getting:

  • Instant access to huge database of shipping companies and it’ employment portfolio of employment preferences in regards to nationalities and ranks.
  • Unique catalog. Thanks to an excellent filter, you can find the needed company with the best work conditions. You only have to input your preferences concerning the type of a ship, the desired position, expected salary and acceptable nationalities (you will not find such filter elsewhere).
  • Direct negotiations. The crewing agencies are out of need. Thanks to our service, you can get the required contact information concerning shipowners. Thus, you can reach the owners and acquire the most beneficial contract.

The work of a sailor is complex. It is utterly complicated to find a well-paid and acceptable job. Due to crisis of the fall in oil prices, instability of the ship company or simply dissatisfying payment, the sailors quit and go looking for better offers.

Commonly, they rely on the services of crewing agencies. These negotiate from the side of the sailor with various ship enterprises. Nevertheless, they deal only with the ones they have agreements. Therefore, a sailor does not have too varied choice. There may be other enterprises, which do not have agreements with sailor’s agency. Still, those can provide much better job conditions.

For instance, some companies employ sailors for a job on an offshore ship. This category of ships gives better opportunities. The position, promotion and salary are much better than job on other ship types. Accordingly, such type of ships is more desirable.

You have to know that certification agreements are made to give equal chances to all classes of sailors. Nevertheless, crewing agencies sufficiently reduce chances to get good job on the desired ship and position.

Our fellowship will give you entire information about any company. You will know for sure with whom you deal and under which conditions. Thanks to our smart filter, you can mention the salary and position that you wish to have.

You should send your CV via e-mail. Nevertheless, it might not be enough. To increase your chances for better offer, you should attract potential employers. After sending your questionnaire to shipping companies, it is worth calling to be sure that it was delivered and reviewed. Besides, you should ask if there is a vacancy, which you are looking for. Thus, the employer would know about seriousness of your intentions and the great desire to be the part of his company.