Offshore jobs

Offshore jobs with no experience

Better working conditions, is that what you are thinking ever day about? Someone is working 4 weeks while is getting paid like for 4 months having the same diploma and seniority level? Your job is not fun anymore?

Welcome to the club, here at we’d like to show you how to apply for offshore jobs with no experience behind.

Imagine for a second that you are owning an offshore shipping company and are getting ready to take over platform support vessel with a limited budget due to low market. What would be your crew recruitment strategy then?

  • Overpay for crew having offshore experience, or
  • Employ crew without having one but for lower costs

There is no directly answer while there are companies who think different way and consider experience as not their first employment criteria. That is where you need us, browsing through our huge ship owning companies’ database, you are getting a decent change to meet those who value not only similar vessel type experience but also your general qualification and motivation to move forward.

Just keep in mind that companies are getting tons of CV’s every day and consider most of them irrelevant for no capacity to proceed them all unless you call in person and ask for attention or nearest offshore job. The more time you call the better chance, they remember you when vacancy is applicable.

I hope there is no need to mention that good phone conversation manners, bright and well though over application form are important to make good impression over yourself since this is the only channel the company assess you through.

Do not forget to enclose references, job recommendations and competence test if any, this is a great way to express who you are and what your price is.

Looking for offshore jobs is a challenging but for sure doable task.