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There are some professions, which require a continuous change of working place. One of such is the work of a sailor. There exist different types of ships (tankers, offshore, containerships, LNG, dry cargo etc), which give different opportunities. Depending on the ship type, you can get various salary, kind of duties, position promotion and other things. Even environment is of great importance. The crew may consist of sailors of various nationality, which can lead to some tension and confrontation among workers.

In order to avoid all inconveniences and get the best job options, sailors use the services of crewing agencies. This is a common thing. These agencies search for job offers amongst various ship enterprises. Nonetheless, the range of this search is very poor. The reason to that is the number of companies that deal with crewing agencies. Any crewing agency has a definite amount of collaborating agreements and thus, your choice stops within this circle. This worsens chances to get the desired job.

Therefore, we advise you to take initiative into your own hands, that is how the most successful maritime carriers are made. We suggest contacting the shipowners directly without any third parties. We can give you all necessary contacts. If you want to do something perfectly, which would surely meet your entire requirements do it yourself.

Note that there will be always another company, which has more suitable offer for you. This includes higher salary, quicker promotion, acceptable positions and environment. You will be able to get a job on any type of the ship, if you negotiate the contract with the owner.

Thus, you can receive place in the offshore fleet. This is the most valuable offer that gives the highest salaries and is very prestige. In addition, you can acquire job even without experience. This would hardly happen if using services of crewing agencies who is not interested in your maritime carrier development.

To enjoy bigger chances for the work you need, send your CV via e-mail and constantly check your progress. Call the owner to confirm that your profile is in his database and whether he has the required vacancy. In such way, the potential employer will know that your intentions are serious and you really wish to receive this kind of job.

Our Internet partnership -, offers its services to all sailors who are looking for dependable, reasonable and just job. Our virtual website has a universal filter through which you can find precisely what you need.

Using the smart interface, you can select the type of the ship company, which seeks for sailors of your rank. Thus, you will know your approximate salary.

You can select the region where you will work and the type of the ship, as well as its tonnage. Thus, you will know the environmental conditions and your duties.

In fact, everything is pretty simple. You only have to be more determined and self-confident. Our service will provide all necessary conditions for your future success.