How to apply for a job directly

Pick up the phone and contact the shipowning company directly, you will have all the information available under the catalog section. If you properly followed all the instructions and this brought no result, we will provide you with a free of charge personal advice then.

! Contact the companies who employ seafarers of your profile, apply nationality and rank filters.


Talk to decition maker, get the following information:

  • eMail for Application Form
  • Vacancies overview
  • Crew manager’s name

! Make sure you are in touch with respective department such as personnel or human recourses.

Send email

Your eMail should be brief, easy to read and should not exceed several MBs

  • Clarify position you apply for
  • State date of your readiness
  • Enclose CV and references

! Don’t attach STCW certificates and IMO courses unless you are asked to.

Call again

It is OK to call the company as many times as needed, good if they remember your name. Make sure that:

  • Your CV is received well
  • Your readiness date is valid
  • You are whitelisted

! Stay calm and gentle, keep on the conversation with number of shipping and crewing companies.

Access unpublished maritime vacancies

We analyze the market and suggest you shipping companies, history-proven to recruit seafarers of your profile. This unique tool predicts the ship owners who are most likely to employ you, placing you in a favourable position to contact them before they announce and share vacancies via third party agency or maritime job board.

! Do less – Achieve more. Contact those shipowners only who deal with Your nationality seaman.

Seagoing career booster

Whether you would like to work on a drilling platform or are just looking for a higher salary vacancy, you are at the right place.

! Choose the fleet type to build your personal shipowners catalog.

Shipping companies catalog

Get the most relevant information filtered as you need to access and compare ISM managers.

! Focus at the management that employ your nationality sailors.

Maritime & offshore jobs

Approach the ship owner directly or through a crewing agency to enhance your employment chances.

! We will provide you vessel owner’s contact information.

Apply for the better jobs directly

Cut out the middleman and get the most attractive employment contract by seizing the initiative yourself. There is no need to clarify that the best positions will not be offered to you via third party agency unless you are a family member, sponsor or an exceptionally luck person.

! Ship managers don’t need a crewing to fill an easy or a well paid vacancy.

Crewing agency

It’s not an agency to get you the best offer – it’s the agency dedicated to get them the cheapest crew.

! They apply additional filter criteria that you might not qualify for. Cut this chain out – apply directly.

Online vacancies

You are not alone here, on average tens of similar profile candidates apply at the same time.

! The higher competition – the lower prospect of employment. Be the only one – apply directly.

Word of mouth

Networking works great, but how many recruitment offices do You know or can recommend?

! We know thousands of them and share this knowledge free of charge. Take the opportunity – apply directly.